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Strategically Located
Io Global partners you in regions that cover 2/3 of the world's population with the least developed Infrastructure. Io Global focuses on assignments in the Indian sub-continent, Africa, South Asia, Middle East, and Eastern Europe. We can also take up assignments anywhere in the world.

Design & Engineering
We analyse customer requirements to provide the most cost effective solution, minimising capital investment and recurring charges.

Site Selection
As part of the initial system design, we can assist in determining the optimum location for your earth stations, cost of telecommunication and civil works, and minimise RF interferences.

All our systems are integrated in our facility. Standardised methods for the system integration process have been developed, substantially reducing the amount of time required to integrate and install the systems. All the systems are fully tested before shipment to the installation site. Export and shipping arrangements can also be arranged upon request.

Project Management
Io Global project management means the project will be completed on time and on budget. All our project managers have extensive experience in the completion of a wide variety of system projects in countries around the world.

Our on-site installation technicians and engineers are experienced in the installation and commissioning of Networking equipment and satellite earth stations worldwide under the most adverse condition.

Io Global places a great deal of emphasis on training of customer personnel both at our facility and in the field prior to commissioning. We provide complete and easy to follow documentation for the operation of your system after installation.

On Going Support
We ensure warranty support for all system components procured through Io Global. Within this time any failed component will be replaced at no cost to the customer. We offer a 24x7 customer support.
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