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Network & System Integration Services

Io Global can help you with complete network and system integration services to cover most of your company's requirements from design, installation and maintenance.

These can be a large Local Area Network (LAN) of a few hundred connected to a local server and sharing resources like printers, or a large Wide Area Network (WAN) covering geographically dispersed offices with workstations and servers, possibly with links to associated company's networks and databases which may be employing different operating systems.

Using Satellite Connectivity, which can provide Internet tunneling technology to another location, we can link geographically dispersed sites. In case the WAN connectivity is within any city, we can also offer wireless connections depending upon Line of Sight between the various locations. Network software and licenses can also be supplied.

Additionally, Io Global also offers equipment, warehousing, installation, maintenance, network management and technical support services.

Io Global can also help you integrate existing systems / applications and migrate your systems to the next generation which allows your organisation to build and capitalise upon, rather than replace your current systems
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