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IoSTARSCPC (Single Channel per Carrier) is a tried and established technology known for it's advanced reliability, superior bandwidth efficiency and significant flexibility services.

It is ideally suited for customers with bandwidth intensive applications or time-critical transmissions. With the IoStarSCPC circuits, the customer has sole and full access to the bandwidth subscribed for.

This service can be used for audio and video conferencing on the World Wide Web, Intranet, Extranet and VPN systems and applications or any kind of multi-user activity across your LAN. You will have the performance and reliability you require to keep your business productive.

Customers with streaming and very large file transfer applications should consider SCPC services.


IoSTARDAMA (Mesh) VSAT system allows Remote terminals connect to customer equipment and provide mesh connections within the networks resulting in a comprehensive, cost-effective solution that enables Corporates / SOHO users to obtain reliable broadband Internet and Intranet communications.

This service overcomes the geographic barriers of terrestrial based networks and delivers high speed services that you require regardless of distance and only when you need them.

The central hub services the entire network and provides a central interface for network operation and control. It can include a backup system, either locally or in another location.

The hub sets up all communication channels, but network traffic does not need to pass through the hub location.  
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