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Privacy Policy
CALL  FOR CONNECTIVITY : +93-20-2213121

Io Global provides pre and post customer support for all its Clients through its experienced Sales Support and Customer Care Group.

Io Global's support offers comprehensive problem resolution for the smooth running of your satellite communication and control systems. The Support Group ensures that you maintain the level of productivity needed in an increasingly competitive business environment.

Assisted by a Help-Desk, the Support Unit provides 24x7 network support by offering guaranteed response times ensuring minimum system downtime and follow a strict scheduled preventative maintenance program.

1. Ready to support your business whenever or wherever it's needed.
2. Local support by people who know your region, speak your language and understand your culture.
3. Putting first things first to restore your most critical connections. We employ a 3. system for prioritising service problems based on the severity of the problem reported.
4. Working to answer your call quickly and to return your service to full operation as fast as possible with additional proactively support measures being undertaken regularly.
5. Committed to keeping customers informed of the status of a reported problem at regular intervals.
6. Working to resolve any customer service-related issue, escalating when necessary to obtain the desired result.
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