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IoSTARPlus VSAT based service is provided on a field-proven set of pre-engineered building blocks that provide high reliability and fast turn-up at a very competitive price. The IoStarPlus VSAT system, a two-way Satellite Communications System which supports Mesh, Star and Hybrid topologies over both the C or Ku Bands, is a comprehensive solution that enables Corporates / SOHO users to obtain reliable broadband Internet and Intranet communications. The IoStarPlus IPVSAT system is one of the most flexible, scalable and comprehensive VSAT communication solution in Afghanistan.

It is highly suited for business networking applications that use IP, ATM, Frame Relay or ISDN protocols between remote sites. Using our system, your communication becomes more reliable, experience less 'downtime', and increase productivity. Additionally, you will have the service benefits of a direct Internet path to the World Wide Web without all the delays imposed by terrestrial networks.

It is ideally suited for Corporate/SOHO/Residential, NGOs, Corporate VPNs and Hosting Mail Servers.

IoSTARPlus VSAT, you get:

Equipment Used: iFINITI 3000 Series (iDirect)
Fast and simple Hub provisioning, operation and uplinking deployment
Wide Geographic Coverage
Flexible Configurations
Satellite Capacity with Scalability
Support for all IP applications
Efficient bandwidth utilisation (up to 60% savings)
Network Management
Mechanisms to optimise satellite resources
Simple maintenance via remote access to Remote Gateways and Hub
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