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WIMAX Our WiMax Coverage How WiMax Works

IoSTARWiMAX service is a scalable Internet access solution that delivers high-speed, reliable business-class bandwidth to SMB and enterprise businesses. It reliably serves large geographical areas and provides Internet access—up to 10 Mbps—to growing businesses and businesses that want to implement a fully diverse system.

IoSTARWiMax is a 'fixed wireless' service providing Internet connection to customers by connecting to the central hub via a stationary radio signal with high security to ensure the  integrity of the data it transfers. It also experiences the same quality and reliability (99.99%) as comparable fixed mediums—such as T1 and Ethernet—but offers a greater reach, making it an ideal solution for businesses that are outgrowing their business-class broadband. This is ideal in the following situations:

- Ideal for quick deployments
- Bandwidth is easily upgraded
- Makes an excellent choice for a redundant failover connection as it is completely   independent from telco networks
- Can reach locations where wired services such as ADSL or Fibre are not available, with comparable features and cost
- Network Management

Customers have the option of shared as well as dedicated high speed Internet access primarily for enterprise use. If your small business has outgrown its dial-up connection, you should consider upgrading to a leased connection. This is an ideal solution for businesses, offices as well as high net worth individuals. This service offers you the reliability, support and convenience your business demands.

The IoSTAR WiMax service provides a consistent and high quality connection. This service provides you with the maximum amount of Internet bandwidth round the clock for your more demanding Internet applications that need committed bandwidth. It provides your business with a dedicated, 24 x 7 x 365 link to the Internet on our Tier 1 Internet Backbone, as well as to other peering cross-connects within Afghanistan.

With this service, we provision the leased circuit and pre-configure all equipment purchased or provided with the service. Customers can choose to start with 64 or 128Kbps and easily scale up to 256Kbps, 512Kbps, 1Mbps, or even more on the fly

Equipment Used: MicroMAX, a family of single mode (802.16d or 802.16e)
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