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IoGlobal has recently added YahClick Ka-band internet service to its portfolio. This product is suitable for customers who have less mission critical applications. The product can be used for guest houses and residences of company staff.

YahClick Satellite is a cutting-edge broadband satellite service offered to Afghanistan consumers and businesses that will deliver reliable, high-speed internet connectivity to users in both rural and urban areas with limited or no internet access.

With YahClick you can instantly connect to the Internet from anywhere by using a small satellite dish and satellite modem. YahClick satellite coverage will bring fast and efficient communications to many regions throughout Afghanistan, all of which are currently without Internet and even everyday telephone connections. Now users can access Internet services without having to wait for terrestrial systems to roll out and without having to pay for expensive fiber or copper lines, or even suffer service cuts. Even in areas of heavy rainfall, the technology will adjust the power required to ensure the link is maintained, not lost or disrupted, delivering a highly reliable service.


You can access internet through a small satellite modem connecting their computer to a dish with a direct satellite connection. Yahsat's cutting edge transmission technology has many advantages:

- Greater on-ground efficiency, meaning smaller, easier to install antennas
- Cost-effective bandwidth supply due to efficient frequency re-use
- Vast coverage in urban and most remote locations
- Fast access speeds with high reliability
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