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We offer a range of 100% customized business solutions to take care of the non-core functions for your business and let you focus on the big picture and your core business functions.

Enterprise Solution

We have a long term proven experience in designing, deploying and managing simple to complex connectivity networks. Our experience and technical expertise allow us to seamlessly integrate various technologies to provide your business with reliable connectivity solutions.

  • Unified Communications

    IoGlobal offers a number of solutions for collaboration and unified communication including traditional desktop and conference room video conferencing, online collaboration tools customized for your business. These services will help your business enhance efficiency at work, serve your existing customers better and gain new ones.

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery

    Our backup and disaster recovery services will help provide the security needed to keep your business-critical information safe. We will use tools and techniques to auto-backup your data that can be restored when needed. In an event of a disaster, we provide DR coverage at fast speeds to ensure your assets are safe.

  • Security

    Cyber attacks can be costly and negatively affect your business and its reputation. IoGlobal’s range of security services and solutions to safeguard your network from outside attacks and intrusions. This includes endpoint protection, firewall and other security measures to protect your business from ongoing threats while elevating confidence for customers.

  • ICT Infrastructure

    IoGlobal provides unique ICT infrastructure services including planning, designing, installation and commissioning of your information technology and telecom networks from urban centers to far-flung areas. This will give you a reliable network deployment option at reasonable costs. Get in touch with us and we will dispatch a team to discuss your needs and plan a roadmap.

  • Surveillance

    Whether a simple CCTV system or comprehensive integrated system, can we can help you set it up. IOG offers pre-packaged and customized solutions for security surveillance requirements including connectivity services to ensure your customers get a hassle-free experience. Our hybrid solutions ensure 100% uptime and boundaryless coverage for quality video and image capture.

  • System Integration

    IIoGlobal provides System Integration services for various elements of IT and Telecom networks, taking out the risk for you in the rollout of new system components and technologies. These solutions will help you connect various information technology systems, hardware, and software into one cohesive and well-functioning system that will make it easy for your staff to run and operate.

  • Endpoint Protection

    IoGlobal’s unique endpoint protection services will help you save time and energy to secure your endpoints against threats on a myriad of devices. We designed these solutions to protect all of the most-used devices and operating systems with the same level of functionality, leaving no potential entry points to your network unprotected.

Professional Services

Our professional services aim to support the whole process including guidelines, planning, and management. This includes preparing and designing systems along with corroborating practices for your business to organize, supply, function as well as manage IT solutions.

  • Consulting

    We help transform your enterprise IT and improve your business efficiency. With our two decades of experience and having experts with wide industry experience, we will utilize the tools to assess your entire support operation. This will be through a holistic approach to identify gaps and suggesting improvement to enhance productivity, service levels, and customer satisfaction.

  • ECP

    Our engineering, construction, and procurement (ECP) services are aimed to provide flexible solutions for diverse clients keeping their overall costs down and keeping the ball rolling to help you reach your goal. This includes helping you plan your engineering and construction projects, as well as procurement better, and fast-track your projects and reduce downtime using proven ECP techniques.

  • Project Management

    Our project management services will help you overcome project management challenges. We take the hard work of coordinating the working process to implement your idea. We can get involved at any stage of the project, but ideally involving at the conception phase will help you plan both technical and financial aspects of the project better to ensure success.

  • Q&M

    We help our clients to overcome network operation and maintenance (O&M) challenges related to their networks, information technology systems and support infrastructure. With our trained resources available in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and remote areas, we provide an exceptional value proposition to manage your branch networks to enable you serve better.

  • Managed Services

    Outsource everything to us. Our managed services give you the option to outsource your communication and ICT requirements and get them done professionally, cheaper and faster. Our dedicated team of experts will design, implement and operate all elements of your network on an Opex Model, leaving you free to focus on your core business functions.

  • Procurement

    We help our clients with procuring the right IT hardware, software and licenses so they remain are stress-free. We procure a full range of IT products for you, including servers, desktop, and mobile devices, network equipment, network software, and software license through a completely transparent, vendor-neutral approach to IT procurement.

  • Training

    In a booming information society, we help your staff to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies, methods, and techniques. This will help boost the confidence and experience of your staff to install, configure, manage and troubleshoot your equipment and software. The training sessions are delivered by engineers with field expertise and includes both theory and practice.

Enterprise Consulting

We have a long term proven experience in designing, deploying and managing simple to complex connectivity networks. Our experience and technical expertise allow us to seamlessly integrate various technologies to provide your business with reliable connectivity solutions.


    Our LAN, WAN and WiFi deployment is quick and cost-effectively deployment solutions. We offer these solutions for your offices, factory premises, construction sites, campuses and residential areas. IoGlobal’s inhouse team and partner network who have years of technical expertise will help ensure your wired and wireless networks meet your business requirements and expectations.

  • Digital Radio

    Our digital radio services help you get a quality audio reception is that is more resistant to interference that will please your audiences. In addition, our digital radio services offer simultaneous data services to listeners, and receive analog signals. Our digital radio receivers come with digital radio standards and can be installed at homes, offices, and cars.

  • Satellite Communication

    In addition to a full range of high-quality, high-performance Internet, Intranet and extranet solutions on VSAT, IoGlobal, a YahSAT partner, offers high capacity satellite trunks using latest high throughput satellites (HTS). This enables us to deliver cost-effective bulk capacity in remote areas and empowers our customers to increase productivity and profitability through Internet Protocol meeting the requirements of our clients.


    IoGlobal offers nationwide and international connectivity for data, internet, and voice. Our IPLC/DPLC services include data network service, from optical fiber-based services in urban centers to networks for branch operations in remote areas. We offer domestic radio links, SCPC VSAT, iDirect Hub-based VSAT, YahSat, YahClick and international connectivity using IPLCs, IEPL and global MPLS.

  • Optic Fiber Connectivity

    Our optical fiber connectivity (OFC) is about end-to-end fiber connectivity through its international partners providing upstream services. To ensure maximum uptime for our clients we back it up with a microwave backup routes. Our OFC is “the optimal” in connectivity, the highest speed where data can fly, transferred in milliseconds keeping you ahead of the deadlines.

  • Long Haul/Backhaul

    IoGlobal’s Long Haul/Backhaul solutions are provided through wired or wireless, which will give you unlimited bandwidth and ease of maintenance. We can utilize a leased line, copper/fiber, P2P, and P2MP over high-capacity radio links. This transport network connects the core network and the radio access network of the mobile network providing a rewarding experience for users.

  • Gigabit Wireless Backhaul

    Our gigabit wireless backhaul, one of the most critical links in the network, will link your applications and services at the edge to the core. This is quick and easy to deploy and ensures performance, uptime and QoS combined with guaranteed data delivery, helping wireless and wired service providers to meet the growing needs of their customers for bandwidth.

  • Data Centers

    IoGlobal’s data center solutions enable you to initiate, plan, construct and manage state-of-the-art data center facilities, as your primary data and backup data centers, in Afghanistan and elsewhere. This is combined with cloud services that offer private and public resources to enable customers for a CAPEX-free infrastructure availability, and a functional network operations center and helpdesk to support you 24/7.