How to Connect

1 Subscription
You subscribe to one of our packages via online form, email or phone.
2 Confirmation & Setup
Our team confirms the subscription and dispatches technical to your location for a setup. .
3 Boom!
You are connected with the IoG Internet services and continue to enjoy the speed.

If you still have problems, please let us know, by sending an email to support@ioglobal.com. Thank you!

Helpdesk Hours

We provide 24/7/365 support
services. Please, feel free to get in
touch with us anytime.



We have interesting offers for home users, corporate business and startup time. With IoGlobal, you will have unlimited Internet leading to endless possibilities!

Packages and Bundles

IoG’s packages and bundles help you choose from our amazing rewards and enjoy browsing the Internet at the best prices. Our offers are best for home and business users, whether you are streaming or surfing, our fast Internet will give you 99% reliability. Plus, our packages and bundles save you money. In addition to our pre-set offers, we can provide custom packages and bundles based on your needs. Please, talk to our customer representative and tell us about your needs.

Offers for Home Users

Our IoKhanagi provides a cost-effective offer for home users in Kabul and provinces. We have thousands of happy customers using our IoKhanagi package for their communication needs. This helps their family and children access education and information resources online and stay connected. Subscribe to ioKhanagi and enjoy unlimited downloads, ultimate gaming and non-stop video streaming for the entire family at AFN 3999 per month.

Offers for Corporate Users

We provide bandwidth speeds faster with enhanced quality, uptime, and reliability. We offer broadband, WiMAX, P2P, P2MP and fiber connectivity with superior performance. If you have a permanent location of your own we believe fiber-optic connectivity is the best solution for your business as we get closer to our users and we know they are performance-intensive. In addition to the high-speed Internet we provide to our coporate customers the fine print, equipment installation, dymanic and static IP addresses, corporate email services and technology support.