How to Connect

1 Subscription
You subscribe to one of our packages via online form, email or phone.
2 Confirmation & Setup
Our team confirms the subscription and dispatches technical to your location for a setup. .
3 Boom!
You are connected with the IoG Internet services and continue to enjoy the speed.

If you still have problems, please let us know, by sending an email to support@ioglobal.com. Thank you!

Helpdesk Hours

We provide 24/7/365 support
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IO-Global has been provided internet services using WiMax Broadband, Microwave, Fiber, and Public WiFi technologies. We aim to not only connect the Afghan citizens but to provide them with tools they need to access education, information, as well as to communicate. We drive the future of Afghanistan. We provide integrated end-to-end solutions for corporate and enterprises delivered over a redundant, common Internet backbone infrastructure. Our range of offerings includes:


WiMax Broadband

Our WiMAX broadband connectivity will delight you, your employees and customers. It will give you control over how and when you communicate. This unique technology This offers fixed as well as fully mobile high-speed broadband connectivity along with roaming feature. Get a WiMax connection now for a thrilling Internet browsing experience.


Wireless Point to Point

IOG’s wireless P2P is best for both offices and home users. Our P2P connectivity will give you an Internet at an affordable price. It will be high speed via a BTS tower connected through the device we will install on your rooftop., Our P2P connection also supports VPN services and web-based Video Conferencing.



IO Global is an established microwave and satellite, voice over IP (VoIP) and systems integrator. In addition, we have built strategic business relationships with leading information technology, microwave and satellite services companies. This helps our customers receive quality and cost-effective services. 


Fiber Optic

IOG offers end-to-end fiber optic connectivity through its upstream international provides. Through our highest speed fiber optic connectivity you will realize the power of the Internet and what it can do to grow your business and address your connectivity needs. Our Fiber Optic connectivity is available in certain areas, please connect with us for availability.


Public WiFi

IOGs Public WiFi is available in public places such as malls, parks, universities, airports. This enables citizens to access high-speed Internet at any time, anywhere. We can also set up public WiFi for our clients. This will give you an opportunity to serve your visitors and make money. Contact us and let’s partner on connecting more and more citizens across Afghanistan.



Our VSAT broadband Internet access is offered to businesses, service providers, mobile operators, and a wide range of industries. Our satellite fleet covers the entire country. This easy to operate technology requires power only and can be plugged to solar power also. For a range of bandwidth options please please speak with us.